About us

Bluenergy offers Off-Grid energy solutions technology. Moreover, Bluenergy acts as a distribution partner for technologies within the renewable energy segment. These include, Excool, Sun Cube, Unicomfort, Ondulit, PLC SYSTEM, Ari-Metal and Building Energy.

Across the above mentioned companies/technologies these products cover the following segments within the renewable energy sector.

  • Co-generation (CHP)
  • Tri-generation (CCHP)
  • Biomass boilers
  • Solar
  • Hybrid (Wind-Solar)
  • Evaporative industrial Cooling for Data Centres
  • DC Cooling
  • Aluminium fabrication for Single Axis framework and fastenings

Bluenergy specializes in off-grid electricity generation where the national grid is not available or incapable of supplying sufficient power. We offer a turnkey service, supplying electricity-generating devices, which are fit for purpose and scalable to the specific requirements of each application, and the overall needs of each customer.

We strive to offer our customers leading technologies and innovative solutions within a best practice framework.