We are able to offer technological solutions that transform every type of fossil fuel source or renewable energy source into energy, thereby offering complete solutions for the Distributed Energy Generation market in the following configurations:

Generative (GE)

Production of Electricity

Cogenerative (CHP)

Simultaneous Production of Electricity and Heatt

Trigenerative (CCHP)

Simultaneous Production of Electricity, Heat and Cooling

Power Solutions

Bluenergy Africa provides generator and co-generator run power plants based on internal combustion engine technology using SPARK technology solutions in the following configurations:

  • Standard Power product offering: a wide range of product lines designed for satisfying the most common Power needs
  • Customised, that means any kind of Power solution engineered for solving critical issues related to DIESEL or NATURAL GAS power generation

These include standard or modified solutions that meet the required technical specifications of each application and project. The power solution also includes installation and testing as well as a performance guarantee. SPARK solutions cover for example, the construction of biogas plants or machines coupled to the steam generator. The customization possibilities cover all ranges.

Each solution, regardless of the type of product range, can be divided into PRODUCT PACKAGE and WORK PACKAGE.

microSpark plant M

The microSpark range includes micro-cogeneration stations which produce from 5 kW to 50 kW. Specifically developed for small residential applications, public administration buildings like schools and offices, service companies and small businesses, the microSpark range is made up of machines designed in compliance with the strictest emissions and noise regulation standards.

blueSpark Engine B

The blueSpark range includes GE, CHP and trigeneration stations fuelled by natural gas able to produce from 65 kW up to customised systems that produce over 2000 kW for textile and chemical-pharmaceutical industries, shopping centres, swimming pools and sports centres, and medium to large residential complexes.This line is also used in the oil & gas sector, where there are raw materials available at little or no cost and electrical and heat energy are needed (such as off-shore oil wells) where the systems run on well gas.

 bioSpark Engine Bi

The bioSpark range includes GE, CHP and trigeneration stations fuelled on biogas, which start at a production level of 60 kW and span to customised systems that produce over 2000 kW for anaerobic digestion plants and landfills. bioSpark systems are also used in cattle and pig farms, primary food and agricultural companies, slaughterhouses and meat processing facilities, and pharmaceutical industries where anaerobic digestion of organic industrial waste is implemented.roulette222

 powerSpark Engine P

The powerSpark range includes diesel powered GE stations with modules producing from 10 kVA up to 4000 kVA for applications of continuous production or production in emergency situations. Available in standard and special configurations, these machines are used in emergency situations where energy supply cannot be interrupted, such as in the chemical, metalworking and electronics industries; ICT infrastructure; hospitals and defense institutes; and oil & gas companies.