As you are aware, remote monitoring provides simple wireless controls, automation and telemetry in a wide variety of industrial applications, including renewable energy plants and fixed grid installations. In practice, this means that any industrial or commercial asset that can be switched on or off, or that can send and receive data, can be monitored for efficiency and pre-emptive maintenance wirelessly and remotely.

PLC Service Srl (Italy) has developed specialized software and systems in the field of remote controlled monitoring and, for the last 20 years, has been monitoring and servicing over 120 Renewable Energy and Grid Facilities throughout Italy and Eastern Europe.

PLC SA Service has acquired title of all the intellectual property rights, technology and know How of PLC Group Srl, for the Sub Saharan Region.

PLC SA Service has begun establishing a Control Room and Operation and Maintenance Business based on the Italian model and the intellectual property acquired.

It operates the Control Room from premises in Johannesburg and will have a number of satellite Hubs in strategic areas in Sub Saharan Africa where large scale Renewable Energy Plants are situated.
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