Solar power is a completely silent renewable energy source, which harnessed correctly will save a significant amount of money and compares favourably to paying an electricity bill at the end of the month.

We have a number of PV solutions, from standard PV panels to Thin Film technology. These solutions can be applied through either a single axis electrically operated mounting system or modular roofing and fastening system, both of which are able to deliver on a proven ROI.

Crystalline Module


Thin Film Solar Modules (A-Si PV)


thinmodulesAmorphous silicon PV Modules (a-Si) have superior light absorption per nominal watt power when compare to mono-crystalline silicon PV module (c-Si) and poly-crystalline silicon PV module (poly-Si).

The advantages of thin film solar modules are as follows: 
- Superior performance under high temperature
- High power generation under low illumination
- High light absorption coefficient
- High partial shading tolerance
- Higher yield of power generation
- More environmental friendly – manufactured with less silicon. When compared to Crystalline PV modules (C-Si), Amorphous Silicon PV modules (A-Si) are much more efficient under high temperature conditions. Power loss for A-Si PV modules is almost half of C-Si PV modules when ambient temperature increases from 25oC to 50oC.