Sun Cube

Water is a limited and precious resource. Moreover water quality is something that is becoming even more important to people in remote areas whom are unable to access clean, secure, main line water.

In an effort to continue to provide intelligent and imaginative handling of regenerative energies with consideration to the environment:The Sun Cube offers economic efficiency and an agreeable coexistence with the environment, nature and people.

Through the symbiotic approach of capturing the suns energy through photovoltaic technology and utilizing this energy efficiently to drive a water purification system, which produces drinkable water for a local community, we are able to meet the growing demands for drinkable water in remote locations.

By storing the additional energy that is captured we are also able to act as a beacon for basic power supply to these communities, providing a valuable power supply for community centers, clinics or schools.

The scalable nature of the Sun Cube design allows us to create fit-for-purpose solutions that are able to deliver anything from small localized applications, for example, to clinics, to larger, more industrialized applications, for example, to mining.

The Sun Cube presents an efficient economic solution for creating drinkable water in remote locations and providing basic power to these sites.


Binav Horus Technology : supported by WWF : impressa_natura


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Horus is a revolutionary electrical propulsion system for boats that reduces harmful, environmentally unfriendly emissions to zero. This system is applicable to all sectors of marine traversal including lakes and rivers and is based on the knowledge that thereare no alternatives to the use of fossil fuels for marine propulsion.

The Horus system characterized by the renewable energy produced by next-generation solar panels and high-performance batteries.

This system has found its first application of study and development on a 24mt mono hull that wasdesigned by the experts hands of BiNav technicians. A design incorporating aggressive lines as well as futuristic, high performance angles has resulted in a travel time of 8 to 10 hours at a cruising speed of about 10 knots with ZERO
emissions of harmful gases into the atmosphere, ZERO noise, ZERO vibration, ZERO consumption and recharge while you sail – hence the patent peculiarity.

The system was designed to be installed in new and existing vessels, including larger cargo ships in order to provide them with a more efficient and environmentally friendly means of propulsion.
This system will revolutionize the concept of sailing, offering enormous practical advantages and financial savings.

MY HORUS24 ELECTRIC (LOA 24 meters) comes from one idea and the desire to build one boat
‘Environmental friendly’ or ‘friend of nature’. This is one hull and superstructure to aluminum alloy, which
with its length threshold of 24 meters offered to all owners of a boating license the ability to sail without
contaminating even within the marine reserves now inaccessible to vehicles fueled with hydrocarbons, in
absolute silence, similar to sailing and respecting the environment around us. The electric propulsion is
based on the use of photovoltaic panels as the main source for generating the energy needed. Panels
consist of a special plastic material that can also be painted and still can guarantee efficiency more than
double compared to other flexible panels, not counting the unbreakable, flexible, lightweight, waterproof
and especially the possibility of being recycled, but in fact, eternal, subject to aging only in the natural
course of new technologies in this field. All this is supported by a storage facility of electricity consists of
lithium-ion or lithium polymer of last generation that can increase the efficiency of the generation of
electricity. Rechargeable batteries so easily from both photovoltaic panels and from the ski track network in
all harbors, guaranteed for ten years by producers and easily disposed of after more than a decade because
guaranteed for 5000 cycles, and because each module does not weigh more than 20 kg and suppliers will
have the right to offer the end user, when purchasing a program for disposal and replacement.

Horus in MY HORUS24 ELECTRIC (LOA 24 meters) (Fig.1) and FERRY HORUS 24 ELECTRIC 60/120 PAX with
a load of energy equal to 448 kW total (capacity limit of the batteries) can travel 70 miles by sailing to 8 / 10
hours at about 10 knots and with no daily costs expect the current cost of energy purchased by industrial
network is from 7 to 9 cents/Euro each KW, against the traditional fossil fuel-powered yacht of comparable
size, without considering the benefits stemming from ZERO harmful gases into the atmosphere.
Horus in the FERRY HORUS30 ELECTRIC (LOA 30 meters) (Fig.3), born for access without contaminating
each marine reserves, in a scenic ride through the Parco Nazionale delle Cinque Terre (Reserved Area) in
total silence at moderate speed (12/13 knots) to enjoy the environment around us and safeguard it means
to have a real advantage and invest in the future.
Horus in the ELECTRIC WASTE BOAT HORUS42’ (Fig.2) (LOA 13 meters) for Venice Lagoon (Under
reservation no photo shown), the energy saving is more than 15% and saving over 50% as fuel costs.

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HORUS is an ECOLOGICAL SYSTEM to be applied at large worldwide boats.